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Aug 1, 2010. The last lesson I posted was about the Diminished scaleā€¦I stumbled onto this great video where guitar player guru Larry Carlton Talk about the.

Half-Whole Scale Ideas - Learn How to Play Guitar.

Learn how to create the Diminished scale and its 8 modes.
Lesson 20: Diminished Scale Patterns. The interval structure of a diminished scale is as follows: whole-step, half-step, whole-step, half-step, whole-step, etc.
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guitar scales lessons diminished

guitar scales lessons diminished

Diminished Scale & Harmony - Guitarist Camilo Velandia.

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The fourth family of Chord and Scale Qualities is Half-Diminished. Half Diminished scales and chords have a flatted third scale degree, a flatted fifth scale.
Diminished scale sequences and patterns for guitar. Learn how to play and master the guitar at Fretboard Fury.
The Half-Whole Diminished Scale. Pt 1, rating: 9.1. In this guitar lesson we take a look at the half-whole diminished scale. It's a very dark sounding scale, and is.