paint peeling off my bathroom walls

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Feb 2, 2011. Put in a new bathroom vanity sink top, the wall bowed in alittle in back of. I pulled on the bubble and all my paint started to peel away from the wall, thought it. I pull on the loose paint and it is still peeling off the wall in the.
As part of my bathroom renovation, which was completed last week, the. with your finger although once the bathroom dries off, the paint/walls.
Oct 26, 2009. Bathroom Moisture May be to Blame! When learning how to paint walls, you most likely read about removing wall plates, masking off switches.
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paint peeling off my bathroom walls

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Layers of paint peeling off paster walls and Ceilings.. I bought my home about 3 years ago and the entire interior had been. I've attached a photo, that I took almost 6 months ago, of the wall above the bathroom window.
Results 1 to 10 for painting bathroom walls im paint peeling, Show: All questions . i am painting my bathroom walls, as im painting the paint is peeling off, why.
Help! I just painted my bathroom and now the paint is peeling off.

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paint peeling off my bathroom walls